I am always fascinated to see how the people over at MTV continue to create such socially relevant content.  Last year, I was one of the fortunate few who attended the MTV Movie awards.  There I witnessed the creativity, budgets and focus needed to generate real engagement.  What I experienced working with them is that, both earned and paid content generation is a long-term strategy and rarely good for short-term lift. The only way to achieve short-term lift is to be opportunistic and combine it with a compelling emotional offer to generate response.  The MTV Movie Awards is a phenomenal way to reach and engage consumers.  Over the years Orbitz has broken the mold and continued to push the boundaries by placing their dollars where their brand gets the biggest bang.  Our mouths!  This year they have launched their new 35 pack with the "dropping 35" campaign. (see below)


The clock is counting down to the 2009 Awards show. (I think this is a worthy candidate for best fight!) Voting is open at http://www.mtv.com/ontv/movieawards/2009/categories.jhtml

I often ponder, are consumer product brands  ready to dedicate their resources to
what it takes to create a conversation in "social media"? If they are, they may want to partner with a content
generating brands.  I don't mean through buying ad space or even
product placement - but by hiring these content generators to create on
their behalf.

In a year of change, I look forward to seeing which brands take a chance, let go and break through the clutter of somber ads.  Who will really start a conversation with you? Who do you think will integrate best with one of pop culture's favorite shows?

ON: The MTV Brand Effect via @jpenabickley