For those of you who follow my posts you know that I attended OMMA Video last week. After meeting the wise and humble Janet Kestin, I realized that we need to guide our clients to good ideas and break them out of "doing business as usual".

Right now there are so many things that marketers are doing wrong with their communications (i.e. using the rules of TV in a place that has no rules - a place where you have minutes to tell a story..not seconds.) It is NOT about monologuing through communication channels. (that the source of the noise) It is about a consumer dialog and surrounding them with honesty and rewarding them for their loyalty and creativity.  The engaging public is thirsty for the new... not the old, not the copied, imitation or unoriginal and definitely not irrelevant.    

I think that there is an important benchmark in the area of cost to consider... the evolution video cost Unilever $120,000 Canadian dollars to produce (that does not include agency hours).  More importantly, Evolution was also supported by three years of non-traditional and PR driven marketing before the evolution video was released on to YouTube.

Janet said something that resonates when we try and describe the bold new digital world.   The space is no longer "Author, Author"  it is "Audience, Audience".  In a space where there are rules there is no research that will help you make a decision to make an investment into a world where to be successful you must let go of your brand.

"The Evolution will not be televised...or at least in a conventional way or a conventional place."  Together lets live in the liminal space creating, telling stories and pushing brands in to relevant spaces in consumers lives.

View her speech @ http://link.brightcove.com/services/link/bcpid464120922/bclid1078545442/bctid1078807601

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