When have you seen any piece of technology fuse one generation of people to another in a way that they can all actively participate in one mission? Its a rare occurrence. I found that fusion with The Beatles: Rock Band.  I had to keep myself from spontaneously belting out "All You Need is Love..." in a room full of people. 

My parents still reminisce about watching the Beatles on Ed Sullivan Show.


Now with The Beatles: Rock Band, my parents can sing and share the Beatles with their grandchildren on just about any game console.  The cross over in technology and music is one of the most fascinating parts of this new generation of Beatles' releases.  

The one thing I love about The Beatles: Rock Band is that it allows you to pick up the guitar, bass, mic
or drums and experience The Beatles catalogue of music
through a global game of karaoke that takes players on a journey through the legacy and
evolution of the band’s legendary career.

This is also the only place you can get The Beatles music for download onto a digital device. If you looking to have some quality family time this winter, I highly recommend
The Beatles: Rock Band.

ON: The The Beatles – Rock Band via @jpenabickley