What is it?  At first glance you may think it is something out of Star Wars.  I was in the back rooms of Flickr when I heard the term Astotagging. A quick search revealed that it is a new behavior that professional and amateur astrology photographers are participating in.  A “blind astrometry server” is a program which monitors the Astrometry
group on Flickr, looking for new photos of the night sky. It then
analyzes each photo, and from the unique star positions shown it
figures out what part of the sky was photographed and what interesting
planets, galaxies or nebulae are contained within. Not only does the
photographer get a high-quality description of what’s in their photo,
but the main Astrometry.net project gets a new image to add to its storehouse of knowledge.


Introducing astrotags from Royal Observatory Greenwich on Vimeo.

This is one of the coolest uses of Flickr's groups and open API that I’ve ever seen. WOW!


ON: The Astrotag via @jpenabickley