It all began with a challenge to increase household penetration for the Dibs brand using teens as the core consumer. We started by creating a 360 degree consumer promotion for the Dibs brand.  A few idea sessions, a pitch winning partnership, and a call to Matt Spielman at MTV started a year long build to positioning the Dibs brand to facilitate teen dreams by giving them a chance to appear on MTV. 

After numerous creative sessions, hours of social media consulting, copy decks and a few versions of temporal specifications - I was able to deliver an idea which positioned the Dibs brand to facilitate their consumers fame with a consumer generated acquisition and retention campaign through a partnership with MTV.

We began this journey which brought us to the 2008 MTV Movie Awards over a year ago.

While there were many ups and downs, including my leaving TracyLocke for Wunderman my initial vision was realized in a launch at the MTV Movie Awards.  The big finish will be in a series of consumer generated ads that will appear on MTV during Ad time. 

From the Dibs Film Fest site to the advertising, widgets and On Air in content lower 3rd animations the campaign is coming online one piece at a time. There are a number of interesting back stories that I look forward to revealing here in the coming weeks as the campaign progresses.

A few observations that I had at the awards show was that brands are breaking through by taking advantage of new ad formats for TV and online. 

ON: The 2008 MTV Movie Awards via @jpenabickley