The Dr. Pepper brand needs to increase household penetration for its Diet cola.  What better way than to increase awareness around their claim that the word "Diet" does not mean sacrifice on the products taste.

Sometimes we forget that the internet is fun. We often forget that you can create an irreverent scratch and sniff experience. Every
now and then someone sends us something that makes us smile. The
mistake that most marketers make is that they go for that irreverence
without any connection to their brand. Dr. Pepper's "Nothing Diet About It" online campaign succeeds in avoiding that trap.

Added Cool-factor
The ad allows
users to customize their own decadent Diet Dr Pepper cake. The banner
features tools such as a pastry bag filled with frosting, candles and
letters.  After users decorate their Diet Dr Pepper cake, they can share their decorated cake with friends.  So not only does this add build awareness it facilitates the conversation. 

While none of this is new - it is nice to see the use of digital as more than a wallpaper for Dr. Peppers offline ads.  Check out the Ad by clicking here >>

ON: Tasty Diet Pop via @jpenabickley