Sony has created a campaign embracing experimentation and branded utility online through the creative commons license and a variety of widgets and online videos to promote its new Blu-ray Disc Player. The campaign has been overseen by digital strategists Ryan, Morrison & MacMillan (RMM), London, and will build slowly, with exclusive access to content being initially granted to influential bloggers.

The site offers a variety of assets, such as a Blu-ray flash player seen above, which will show the videos online and allow users to embed the player into their own blogs and sites.  Make sure to check out the blu-ray player.  It is way sweet!

Widgets available include a calendar that will update with contents and graphics to explain attributes of the Blu-ray player and key content releases in the campaign. The Museum of Low Resolution is also hosted at, showing the revelations that shape this new high definition world, such as discovering the earth was round and the short step from golf to miniture golf, explaining the graphical and technological improvements that Blu-ray offers.

This site shows that Sony embraces what the web has offered them. (great keanings!)   Their leanings from the BRAVIA Balls campaign manifest themselves in fundemtal function design.  it is marvelous to see. Check out the creative hotness at

ON: Sony’s Blu-ray Campaign via @jpenabickley