I am a big fan of photographer Brienne Michelle.  I like that she often captures the ordinary things in real life that should be cherished and are often overlooked.  I was delighted when I saw she had captured this photo of an amazing display of physics used to create an breathe-taking new art form. 

Imagine walking on to the Venice beach and finding freestanding rock sculptures. Look closer, not just rock here. The rocks are formed to stand as people do.
Brienne discovered Kevin Morgan's display of free standing rocks that he calls Angel Stones.

I have searched the web far and wide and it does not look like Kevin Morgan has a website.  I guess there are somethings that are too cool for the web.

The one thing I did find about Kevin, outside of Brienne's blog, was Epic Fu's Zadi captured an interview with him.


If you look at the way he has these rocks set up, they are completely balanced - he isn't using wire or any kind of connective material to hold it all together.  sheer amazement.  I look forward to working with this form of experience design on the digital space.

ON: Rock Solid Art via @jpenabickley