In my ever increasing quest for cramming my head with fun interaction design stuff, I have been attempting to learn 3D stuff, using PaperVision3D.  One thing that caught my eye last night was and amazing Depth Of Field experiments by Ricardo Cabello aka Mr.doob, using Papervision3D and Tweener, a very powerful and easy to use tween engine.  In playing with my own photography style then combining it with a few tips that my husband has offered me I have discovered a new take and focused on Depth of Field.  In optics, particularly film and photography, the depth of field (DOF) is the distance in front of and beyond the subject that appears to be in focus

So when I caught Ricardo's version I found solace in an easy way for me to begin using rich user interaction to deliver realistic web experiences.

Another one of my favorites is the Magic Capet Ride which takes flow and physics of a magic carpet into an organic simulation upon user click.  Check it outManuel Bua, a very talented software developer based in Trento (Italy), has created a carpet simulation demo powered by Alec Cove’s excellent APE physics engine. 

The examples of this technology are endless.  I will soon post my teams newest venture using PaperVision.

ON: PaperVison and 3D via @jpenabickley