OxyNation, the newest minisite for Oxy skincare, does a perfect job of
appealing to its target demographic  -- young men -- as well as
addressing the party that holds the power of the purse: mothers.


Once on the site you're asked to enter either the moms' side of the
screen or the Guys' side of the screen. The moms' section gives mothers
the tools to research products for their sons.  This campaign is not rocket science and that is its beauty. Guys don't like complicated things they leave that to girls and moms.


A sleek iPod sits at the corner of the site that you can flip through
and listen to music of your choice.  I love that they took emerging bands on MySpace and gave them a branded home!  (Smart use of entertainment)   In the right corner is a house you
can navigate on your own to take you to different sections of the site.

If you visit the pool you are met by a cute girl wearing a bikini. You
can apply Oxy sunblock to her back in special designs and send them to
your friends via email.


If you visit the garage, you'll meet X-Games
star Dave Mirra chilling with his BMX bikes. You could peruse the house
map for days and find new clips and toys to play with, but the site,
overall, gets the point across right away.  Great Experience!

Check out the site at http://www.oxynation.com

ON: OxyNation via @jpenabickley