Sitting at OMMA (right now)  and what my clear takeaway from the morning sessions is that there are STILL NO RULES.  Now you all know I approach things from the creative view... I start by asking "what's the story i am telling and why am i relevant"...  We as Creative Directors still need to tell a great story, a relevant story.

Stop re-purposing the :30 second ad in a medium that it was not created for.  Remember people use TiVo to skip ads...so why re-purpose something that consumers have told us, through their behavior, they DO NOT want. 

During our break-out sessions a number of people have asked me how we the agency world should be approaching the NEW BRAND WORLD? 

So here are my words of wisdom from OMMA... We are experts at creativity and relationships (or at least we should be). 

In the instance of the :30 second ad...One might argue that people got TiVo to get to the content they wanted when they wanted (thus on demand) ...but the consumer behavior has told us that they skip the ads.  the :30 second ad has its place... but it is not the end all method of reaching the audience.

There is no definition...so do not try and define the space.  When you finally define it, you are irrelevant.

Just Create!  Create With Insight! Create with Purpose!

Be real, be honest, be confident, add insight and embrace the consumer's power to have a say in what you make.

We are in the business of appealing to consumers with big ideas that are relevant through strong client relationships.  Some would say entertaining... but entertaining is subjective to the people who are watching it. What is entertaining to me and my community cluster may or may not be entertaining to you and your community.

A true measure of success is when people choose you because you are you...
For a brand, your measure of success will be  because people choose you... because you an hold honest relevance in someones life.  Relevance that is worth conversing about.  Your story has to be one that is worth repeating.

More to come later....

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