Have you guys stumbled on to Moviestorm yet? 
Short Fuze
, a UK based company has developed Moviestorm, an innovative film-making application that will create a new media genre.


What I like about it is that it teaches the consumer how to create great content.  If you have the ideas MovieStorm will take you from your initial concept to finished movie. Its ease of use
makes it accessible for first time film-makers, while its advanced
features make it suitable for pro-am users.

The Moviestorm software allows for people to create their own CG film by providing them with an enormous library of digital assets, including faces, bodies, locations, furniture, etc, with variations in the thousands.  It helps people simplify the process of "directing" the elements and creating a script.  Their economic model is based on item-purchase, where in order to get fancier assets, you have to pay money. 

The only thing it does not solve for is a bad idea.  But you might be able to make a bad idea pretty.

Here is their site: http://www.moviestorm.co.uk

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