Nokia's LifeviNe is the latest geo-tagging launch. With a whole range of devices now sporting geo-tagging, LifeviNe takes the concept to a new level. LifeviNe allows you can easily access the pictures, music and video of wherever you've been, either on a map or a time line.

When you run the lifeviNe widget on your device it willl pinpoint and push the media onto the web where you can tag it, track it and share it with others.  Might be worth buying a Nokia.  Now if I could find one at a US carrier that would not break the bank.

Picture 1While I do not have a Nokia phone to play and test the LifeviNe - it would be great to match this up 
against my current mobile geo-tagging app, Loopt. (I cannot imagine why I would pay $895.00 for similar if not the same features in a $200.00 or less price point in other phones.) I would love to hear the reasons why I might drop that type of cash to fufill my Beta-class need for the best digital gadgets.

You can catch me on a similar mobile geo-tagging platform called Loopt which I have fallen in love with.  Loopt has also created a platform that ties to my twitter account as well as Facebook status!

ON: Mobile Geo-Tagging via @jpenabickley