Got Funk or Got Milk?

Thought you had seen it all? A fake rocker who prefers milk to drugs in the new Dairy campaign.  Here is their cover or the story they are selling.

One day the lone desperado, White Gold(sm) met musical phenoms
Skimberly and Wholena, now known across the world as "The Calcium
Twins(sm)." The twins' unrivaled musical talent, matched only by their
bewitching good looks, catapulted White Gold's(sm) unique sound to an
unparalleled new level. Together, they released "Ends, Split Ends."
They began selling out theaters, and their infectious single "The
Milkionaire" began to snowball.

White Gold and the Calcium Twins(sm) latest and most anticipated album
"The Best I Can Give Is 2%(sm)" finally arrives this spring. The album
will contain five new tracks and will be available on iTunes and


The site is well designed and offers teens lots of ways to customize the site and then check out the branded milk communities on YouTube, Facebook and MySpace.  The site could have used some portable content and or widgets.  While this is a fun concept I ponder if there is an easier way to get kids to drink milk.  It would have been nice to see them position themselves as an alternative drink to Coke and Pepsi.  Be Different - Drink Milk.  Plenty of kids will how you how they drink milk.

This concept comes off as a tongue in cheek spoof of a beer commercial.

ON: Milk The New White Gold via @jpenabickley