Picture_1I was cruising creativity mag online when I stumbled on to the mouse looking for milk ad in the corner of the page. What appeared to be a repost-able ad fueled my click.  At first I thought I could copy and paste the code but in an attempt to do that I was taken to new "Got Milk" campaign site.

For those of you who live outside the US (and for those in the US who have lived under a rock since 1993) the Got Milk? slogan  is an American advertising campaign encouraging the purchase of cow's milk, which was created by Goodby Silverstein & Partners for the California Milk Processor Board in 1993
and later licensed for use by milk processors and dairy farmers. The campaign is credited with putting
life back into milk sales nationwide after a 20-year slump.

Since I happen to love milk, actually, I live for it in a way that makes for constant fodder by my children. Some would say it was weird that in the summer i drink it with ice. (its a Texas thing) In the winter I warm it with a side of cold girl scout cookies.  So when I clicked through I was looking for a new spin on the "Got Milk" site.  The thirst for something new was quenched when I saw that the site takes milk passions sells them as benefits to adding the healthy drink to your diet.   

The site's design and punctual animation combined copy gave the site a teen's tone of voice.  The short hand copy for the navigation made the site engaging and relevant for people with so many other beverage options.  As an adult reading it gave me a new way to talk about a commodity like milk to my teens. 

It simply made Milk cool again!


Check out the site at http://www.gotmilk.com

I was so taken by the site's copy and design that I completely forgot that I could not copy and paste the ad here on the blog.  The fact I could not put the ad here is merely a  missed opportunity for further message distribution / word of mouth amongst a group of consumers who has no problem sharing something good like a glass of milk.

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