The first impression isn't positive, as you have to register to "enter
the garden" and discover the site. There should really be an option that allows you to explore before having to up the personal information.  Curiosity got the best of me and, so I fill in some
data and get in... I become a daisy in a garden full of daisies with
name and surname and my goal is to grow and become beautiful. To grow,
means to play a series of advergames that are actually pretty engaging
and extremely original: a positive surprise.

The experience in the garden continues with the discovery of the product.

It's a pity someone still hasn't invented how to distribute fragrances
through the Web, one thought occurred to me is that they should have a sampling program aimed at the early adopters.  Then I realized I had by-passed it completely on the entry page.  It was a bit hidden.

They also created a number of typical yet fun badges for young users to display the brand on their MySpace Pages.  Check the site out at http://www.daisymarcjacobs.com/us/

ON: Marc Jacobs’ Daisy via @jpenabickley