As many of you know "viral" videos are never a sure thing.  As a matter of fact I believe that they are merely videos online until the consumer says they are viral.  Consumers have spoken and Levi's has a genuine hit. At first glance you do not know this is an advertisement.  It looks like some guys trying to be the next jack-ass phenomenon. it isn't evident that the viral video was courtesy of Levi's until I looked at the Tags.

After watching it I had a sense that it felt familiar. Then it occurred to me that it was VERY similar in style to the Ray Ban video where A guy catches sunglasses on his face in some impossible maneuvers.  Then I watch the two side by side.

Aha - I saw it! similar edits, similar music and similar YouTube accounts.  Those sneaky guys at the Feed Company were at it again!  Feed develops the creative an then seeds the videos. 

What Is Seeding?

"Video seeding on the web is a relatively new marketing / media tactic brand
advertisers have discovered. Seeding is a way to get brand videos
viewed by users on video sites, blogs and social networks. Video
seeding relies on a combination of digital public relations, on-site and
word-of-mouth marketing to get videos viewed on YouTube and other video
sites where the fight for attention is fierce."

The videos are strikingly similar. While they are fun videos I ponder three things - Did Ray Ban see a jump in sales after the launch of their video? Will this video sell more Levis? Is Feed's creative team capable of different creative ideas or are they one trick ponies?

ON: Levi’s Looks Like Ray Ban via @jpenabickley