A new launch has crossed my plate.  This rich immersive experiences begins with a long load.  (could not tell if they were using a progressive load) Once you' re past the load what you get is an experience that delivers a high energy edge to the Kawasaki products.


Loading took minutes instead of seconds.  But once it was loaded an edgy site was discovered with tons of easter eggs.  The natural flow of the navigation reveal itself as the non-linear and allows you to experience the site at your own pace.


Check out the site at https://kawasakirides.com/zx6r/Home/Home.html

When you are done with that one check out the extension to the Let The Good times roll KFX site.  Again the load is long which leads me to believe they are not using a video streamer or progressive load.


However,  when the load is complete what you get is an Rich ATV experience that is hosted by Mr. Graves a salty fellow who comes to life and from time-to-time and is there to antagonize a click out of you.  Click here to see the ATV version.

Thanks to Stefan Drust at Fuse Interactive for letting me play with their latest launch!  Just goes to show you the micro site is not dead. (yet)

ON: Kawasaki’s New Launches via @jpenabickley