Leave it to the great minds at Organic to launch a great new site for Jeep.


"Jeep Patriot and the Way Beyond Trail" is an interactive film that allows
consumers become a character, and the plotline is driven by the choices
made by users at the end of each scene.  This integrated campaign  pushes the meaning of x-channels -- not only in concept but right down to


I thought that the film was
compelling, and convinced me to watch 10 or more scenes in one
sitting.  (that is rare!) The site seemed to be
designed with an optional "backcountry waiver" that users can fill out to
enjoy some personalized fun at various points in the film. For example,
if you upload your photo, it will appear on your ID when you get carded
at a backwoods bar in the film.  Fun Stuff  I was there for at least 10 minutes!  This just goes to show you that if brands invest the right way their sites can be engaging for the long haul.  (the micro site is not dead yet - Organic's online experience design proves this)

Check out the site at http://www.patriotadventure.com/wbt

ON: Jeep’s Adventure via @jpenabickley