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The morning of the Daytona 500 I awoke to my iPhone mail box ringing. It was a note from Jack Daniels (JD). The timing of their newsletter was perfect as I was in Daytona and they were launching their new car. When I arrived at the carnival JD had one of the best mobile displays. It was a mobile distillery, to get in you had to present your ID. This extravagant set up was made for the NASCAR audience. It even included a vendor who was mixing Jack and Coke at 11am. Nice!

I am giving their brand folks a high five!  Know your audience. Know why they love you. Try to make yourself accessible to them and their friends where they're most passionate. All brands should be so consistent and deliver on a promise of mellowing spirits since 1866.

Seems so simple and worth every penny if you do the right thing with the data that you collect.

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