Last week I was rolling after work with Madam Leuzzi at the Food Bank For NYC's Orange mixer.  When we left to hit the Monday Room I got a shwag bag that contained a many new products (vodka, premium chocolate, beauty products) and more importantly it contained a great little Hermes goodie bag.  creamy goodness! 

Why I bring it up, is that the little orange bag had a great announcement that drove me to the Hermes site.  The site is nothing to write about (if it was you would hear about here). What is important is that Hermes'  the approach to localized marketing efforts (they were announcing a new store on Broad Street) as well as supporting a cause that is worthwhile drove me to their site to purchase a new bag and gift online.


If you can get my attention as a consumer who does not watch TV without fast forwarding commercials and I purposely tune out the majority interruptive advertising, you have done a smart sampling at a place where I am receptive to something new. Hermes' support of causes drives my purchases in a simple trend setter strategy!   

Marketers looking for a cause should consider this one.

ON: Hermes on Wall Street via @jpenabickley