Last week Sean Scott shared with me a fantastic new widget that his team created and launched for Harley-Davidson. The widget does a fantastic job and streaming video live from the famous Sturgis Rally.  This is a simple application that provides an insider view in to the lives of Harley
owners.  It does a great job of capturing their the culture, community and mystique. The other thing it does very well is gives the wannabe Harley owners like myself access to an event without having to be there... it is a great idea as it does not follow the convention of the string of contrived creative that wanna be brands are putting out to try and create viral behavior.

The Harley-Davidson Sturgis 2007 gadget offers a live Harley-eye view
of the rally. Additional features include alerts to upcoming events and
archives of interviews and highlights to date. 

In next years widget they should allow riders to text in updates from the road and you should be able to track them as they head to the event ala twittervision interface.

ON: Harley-Davidson Sturgis Widget via @jpenabickley