OK ladies, its time to have a real conversation about the horrors of having your undies creep up on you at any time, especially the inopportune ones.  you know it happens!    No matter what style you wear... Granny Panties, Control Tops, Spanks, Hi Riders or that Betty Boop Thong.. we all long for a day that you do not need to hide in your office, behind the plant or emtpy subway station to loosen a wedgie.

We all know this is a hard conversation to have - but that is why the self deprecating humor that Hanes has injected in to the launch of their "No Ride Up Panty" is genius to sparking consumer conversations.  This new campaign is especially designed to tackle and conquer women's
top underwear complaint -- the dreaded and always inopportune wedgie.


The website has features streaming video that showcases the problem at hand.  The videos do a great job of building brand awareness in an age where the DVR and TiVo have waged war on the TV spot. What I like most about this digital execution was the user-submitted wedgie catastrophes, complete
with a "Blush-O-Meter" for rating the level of embarrassment.


There were a few critical things missing that would have made it easy to facilitate the wedgie conversation that the Hanes site missed out on. It is easy and cheap to implement functions like one click sharing of their great content, an easier method to share my published wedgie story with friends on social networking sites and a way for me post the the TV spots & videos right here.  By doing so they would have hit a home run as Hanes would have done more than just start a conversation in the back room of the web.  These functions are critical to the facilitation of an open conversation about my wedgie stories outside the Wedgie website.

This is a great example of how to start a consumers conversation about picking the right underwear.

Don't just sell underwear -  Sell wedgie solutions!

Check out the site at: http://www.wedgiefree.com

ON: Hanes’ War On Wedgies via @jpenabickley