Google is the verb for Search - but can it's new mobile system break the mold in the US that the carriers have created? Or will it have to adapt to a US market where the carriers are the gateway to the consumers?

Check out these reports from the BBC.

T-Mobile will be the first US carrier to launch it here in the US.  However, T-Mobile subscriber base is smaller than other carriers in the US. 
Another strike against Android is that T-Mobile's high-speed wireless network isn't as extensive as AT&T's. (and as an AT&T and T-mobile user in the US neither network compares to their counterparts in Japan and the UK whose networks are far faster and less complex to develop for) 

So while the sales will not reach the scale of the iPhone in its first year according to business week, this could be yet another OS or mobile platform to add to the competitive set when looking at mobile devices. 

Do you think Google is likely to give the Microsoft Mobile OS a run for its money?  Or is this an iPhone killer?

ON: Google’s Mobile Flight via @jpenabickley