Google-plus-logo Like many of us who have had our hands on Google+ for the last few weeks - I have begun to wonder how I could take some of the brands I am working on and extend their function and audience to the now 10MM People on Google +.

In about a week, Google+ will gratify a few hundred brands by launching their test brands pages. Brands like Ford will be the first of thousands to have a shot at advertising via Google+. Although the set-up shares striking similarity to Facebook brand groups, Google+ is nothing to snuff at. These pages are open doors to a fresh consumer circle and a new social media marketing target.

Keep an eye open

It will be interesting to see how brands make their debut on Google+. Be sure to pencil in some time to look around and learn from the first-comers. Take a look at this concept for a Starbucks page done by Sean Percival.

Are you working on a brand's Google+ page?  If so what are you doing?  Why Google+ instead of FB?

[sources: womma & ad age]


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