Amber Naslund  @ radian6 took a look at 64,000 social media related conversations last month. From that data here are the 5 key trends to watch.

1. Location, Location, Location - Now that ‘what you like’ can be coupled with ‘where you are,’ social media’s communication capabilities have reached a new level.

2. Social CRM - This isn’t just engagement anymore. Advanced Social CRM adds powerful analytics to 1-to-1 human interaction.  Who are your Champions? (influence + volume)

3. Measurement & Accountability - If you can't measure it - then why do it?  Capabilities are growing everyday. These will spur more investment and efficiency.

4. Privacy & Participation - Some say the current has ebbed back to privacy.  However, don't you think that that the digital divide will not be about access to hardware - but the gap between those with public data and those who do not have public data?

5. Social Media Integration - Social meda is not a department or it's own discipline, as many social media snake oil sales people would claim. All media is social if you deliver a good story and empower it through social platforms.  The best brands will simply weave social technology into different marketing and PR efforts.

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