As many of you know I am a resident of Harlem. In the last few years it has become a hot bed of creativity, cafes and cultural hangouts. Just as I was settling into a few of my new hangouts in the hood via FourSqaure, up popped a mysterious Mayor.  A Mayor with 2662 checkins this man of mystery has 57 mayorships all here in Harlem. 

I took note of Mezz when he ousted as the Mayor of our building. After looking up his stats I thought I might actually run into Mezz at my favorite cafe, Il Cafe Latte. Nope no sign of Mezz. 


Last week while shooting a new show,  I took a few hours to begin the hunt for mezz as he had just checked in one door down.  I skipped down for a cup of coffee to see if I could find Mezz and introduce myself.  When I arrived there was only two woman in the cafe. No Mezz in sight.  As a FourSquare freak redeeming points and deals up here in the hood, I have yet to run into the mysterious Mezz.  Who is this reclusive, serial check in artist?

Mezz- who & where are you now?


on: finding mezz via @jpenabickley