Why drive traffic to a site when you can accomplish what you need in a 30K banner ad?


Tailgate Technologies with the challenge of building the first fully
in-banner transactional ticketing engine for the December 2007 release
of "The Kite Runner." To date, banners that display show times and
cinema locations have been available. However, closing the loop between
displaying information and completing a transaction all within a banner
space had before never been accomplished.

What I like about this particular execution is that Tailgate Technologies took a DR challenge one step further by launching a fully operational online ticketing system in a 30K standard secure Flash banner.

While the Kite Runner ad creative is conventional at best. I suspect they had to give up video trailers and other features that would have dialed up this banners je nois se qua in order to concentrate on what is a very clear call-to-action to
"Buy Tickets in Banner."  Check out the unit by clicking here

ON: Direct Response 2.0 via @jpenabickley