Browsing the depths of my RSS feeds I ran accross an great  Gareth Kay post.  (Gareth is over at Brand New and recently assumed stewardship for the Account Planning School of the Web (APSotW).
The first assignment is to create a plan that will help position
P&G’s Mr. Clean for growth against the successful upstart Method. 


Check out the brief for more info.   Here are the assignment's key take-aways:
Develop no more than ten slides for a 15 minute
presentation that shows an approach to how Mr Clean can begin to not
just defend share but actually grow volume share and profit over the
next two years.

Some things to think about:

  1. What’s the context?
  2. What’s the
  3. What’s the opportunity?
  4. How should the brand be reframed (if
    at all)?
  5. What can communications do?
  6. What’s the strategic approach?
  7. How
    might this manifest itself?
  8. Who’s the target audience - for brand

I cannot wait to hear from those who participated!  The deadline for entries was last week.  What do you guys think?  Can we find a new consumer insight that leads to a phenomenal idea that carries the brand in all mediums?

ON: Creating the new Mr.Clean via @jpenabickley