Looking for an online scavenger hunt?  Converse has launched a campaign that takes you through a maze of sites that are a fun journey. I happened to enter the experience mid hunt at the ConverseSpellingBee. But after doing some research, I found the fun really starts at www.thisistheindexpage.com


Back at the ConverseSpellingBee, follow the shoe string! Can you spell "ludicrous"? Come on - hit Google and input "ludicrous" into the search field. When you get the results back you should see the top of the paid results that says ‘ludicrous is correct’. Click it. And get taken to www.whatareacodeisroundtwo.com for more fun and games.   

After digging around I noted 20 sites most of them rich with video interfaces. Each of these sites play off of each other with a simple brilliance and prove that change is abound for big consumer brands.  Back to my proclamation "THERE IS NO LINE!".  I cannot name a TV campaign gets a consumer to spend a few hours playing with a brand or product at its launch like this exercise gets you to do.

The funniest party of my journey was http://www.kissingwithross.com


This approach provokes an entertaining consumer conversation and doesn't seem to follow the mundane things we see in our briefs from big brand clients.

Join me in attempting to reverse engineering the client brief.  You have to do this! (be prepared to spend some time)  Start the journey at www.thisistheindexpage.com  or just do the spelling bee at http://www.conversespellingbee.com

ON: Converse At Play via @jpenabickley