Virtual Thirst Campaign 
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Coke's Virtual Thirst campaign finally has a winner!  I applaud Coke for diving in and not just testing the waters - they have embraced their audience in all nooks of the web.

The campaign could have used some plus ups, but I am sure this is a test for the mega brand and I would assume they have collected many learnings.

Here is what they said:
" Virtual Thirst Has a Winner!
Hey there everyone. We hope you didn't think we forgot about you and all the great submissions we received as part of the Virtual Thirst campaign.

The truth is that we got more submissions then we originally planned for. The level of creativity and thought that went into these was amazing and thank you to everyone who took the time to submit an idea.

We went through several rounds of judging with our Advisory Panel and as the ideas narrowed down we came up with a clear winner. That winning entry was submitted by Ann Marie Mathis aka Emerie May in Second Life. We encourage you to visit her blog and Flickr portfolio to find out more about her.  In the coming weeks she will travel to San Francisco and sit down with the team at Million of Us to bring her idea to life. All of us are excited to watch this process and we promise to share some of it with you later this summer.  Stay tuned for more news in the coming weeks!"

Score one for Anne Marie, a Creative Director @ Cheil who really gets it!  Score another for Coke for knowing that SecondLife and Virtual worlds are aren't about sales, they're about brand love. Brand value and brand love seem to be the key metrics measured here.

if no one loves your brand, no one will buy it! - just a thought.

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