While reading the Contagious newsletter the following caught my eye.

Although still in beta phase, the first commercial widget has been launched on Joost.   Coke has done an amazing job of taking the plunge by developing a Joost tool entitled Coke Bubbles that allows users to
post their thoughts and comments on specific scenes to their friends by sending
a Coke Bubble to anyone in their email address book.


Here’s how it works. If you weren’t cool enough to be part of the Joost
beta, you download Joost
. Then, you download the Coke Bubbles widget. Once you have those two things done then the fun starts.  When you comment on a specific scene in show on Joost - you can send an email alert to the
friends of your choice, who can then watch the clip play out on Joost with your
comment appearing on-screen in its own transparent bubble. 

Source: Contagious Magazine



What I love about it is that it take one of my favorite concepts, VH1
pop up video, and puts in consumer in the drivers seat to control the
messages and comments.

Check it out!

ON: Coke Bubbles via @jpenabickley