It so tranquil it seems that the noise around it drowns out its simplicity. It's for an Italian soft drink brand called Chino. Chino is a fizzy Italian soft drink with an interesting flavor similar to
Angustura bitters. A refined and adult alternative to cola.

Ambient is all literal and it is best found in the art of making the most of the everyday
world around us to suspend belief and enjoy an unexpected message.

The creative execution is cute.  However, I couldn't find it anywhere else.  its relevance seemed lost and perhaps random.

Seems like a lost opportunity to give me a bigger better brand story.  So I think they failed to answer why this cola  and not others?  How are they different or better?

My take away is that they could taste like the water that is contained in that drain just to left of it.

ON: Chino’s ambient approach via @jpenabickley