As most of you know I am an avid gamer... in doing research on one of our clients competitors (Wrigley) I have become a bit of a Candystand addict!  They have launched a few new branded games that are worthy of note....Fresh off the heat of that spiffy Vector game they recently put together, Candystand hits me with this Free Kick game that challenges you to bend it like a certain Posh-loving soccer player we know.

It's simple to play but just not as much fun as the Awesome Blossom. Plus before i played Free Kick I had to download a plug-in which is always not supervenient.


The there is Life Savers Awesome Blossom... Remember Dr. Mario?  Awesome Blossom is like that, except with flowers instead of pills. (Come to think of it, how did Dr. Mario ever get past the PC police?)

The blossom explosion is for LifeSavers. I could use some,
considering my blood-sugar levels are low from concentrating on
winning back flower petals for the last three hours. (Yah..the overachiever in me never sleeps...)

ON: Candystand’s Free Kick & Awesome Blossom via @jpenabickley