One of my favorite companies is Mike Hudack and his band of innovate content & technology  lovers and creators continue to demand the very best.  What I love about this company is that it looks for the demand and fills the need with amazing design and user experience at the very heart of everything it does.


Viewing video on the iPhone is a source of consternation for users, as Adobe's flash player is not yet available (and probably never will be). For almost two years, YouTube has remained the only method — outside of the iTunes store — to get video content onto the device. announced a new "magic" iPhone video embed that brings video to the device.
It was created to step over the lack of Flash compatibility on the iPhone.'s embed feature allows users to create videos that can be shared on the iPhone as easily as a desktop browser. With no separate coding necessary, can now point users directly to an iPhone friendly .m4v QuickTime stream of the video they want to watch.

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What makes this totally genius is that with this new iPhone embed, producers will still be able to cash
in on advertising that runs against their content. In addition to their
videos, all ads that are sold to run up against video content
will also be iPhone-friendly.  (go blip - go, go - go blip!)

ON:’s Magic iPhone Embeds via @jpenabickley