I would be the first to say that I was pretty sure I could see a Rick Roll coming a mile away.  Wednesday night as I was getting ready for the Tina Turner concert I was startled by what I was sure was a joke.  It was direct spot for Barry Manilow's latest album.  In the spot Barry Rick Rolls everyone.  Yes - even Barry Manilow is using the web to market this very "special" CD.  This Christmas you too can own Barry's doing the 80's - which is just wrong!  No one else needs to do the eighties accept the people who made the eighties.

Did Barry really mean to get on the Rick Rolling bandwagon?

This morning, while preparing my turkey my eye was caught by the Rick Roll to end all Rick Rolls. As the Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends float rolled on through Herald Square, a black haired, Rick Astley appeared and Rick Rolled the entire nation with his revived web hit Never Gonna Give You Up.

I think this pretty much explains the latest Rick Roll phenom.

UPDATE! - Friday November 28th:
Search the "Rick Roll" in You tube and Barry Manilow's ads pop up.

Picture 2

ON: Being Rick Rolled via @jpenabickley