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I was skimming my RSS feed this morning and I saw  Ian's post on how Batman marketers are starting with the loyal evangelists to get the buzz out on the upcoming movie.

Samplers were handing out dollar bills at Comic-Con in San Diego.  On the dollar bills there was a phrase written "Why so serious".

When you Google Why So Serious, check out the second listing called Anticipation.

When you get there what seems (i said "seems") to be a crudely designed website appears...

Batman: The Dark Knight trailer begins playing after the first click.  When you begin to take it all in you realize it is designed for the audience who is looking for a bit of a treasure hunt.  I loved the Gotham Police report.  This is really viral (something conversation worthy that starts in the core of a loyal audience and spreads through word of mouth)

But for those of us who believe in the evolution of creative the site is exactly what the fan base needs to begin getting jazzed!  Check out the links at the bottom which begin to get the audience involved.

Batman fans get ready... its coming

Check it our at

ON: Batman knows his audience via @jpenabickley