Here is an insurance site worth sharing.  Your Playground.

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Allstate and the U.S. Olympic Committee joined hands to create a site and program that could lead to an Olympic bid for the city of Chicago.  The Allstate "Design a Chicago Playground Contest"
allowed participating children to submit their ideas on how to build a
virtual, U.S. Olympic-themed playground. The winning designs may also
"inspire" an actual park to be built in Chicago.

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When you visit, you will find an interface that lets kids and adults use a step-by-step tablet to create their own park. The site was
initially conceived as a contest where the top vote-getter
would have their design actually built within Jesse Owens Park on
Chicago's South Side. Winners won't be announced until March.  You can view a gallery of entries for inspiration
and try their hand at building a playground all their own.

It is nice to see such an insightful piece of work.  Visit the site at

ON: Allstate’s Playground via @jpenabickley