As many of you know I spend every extra moment I get researching and committing time to staying on top of what is going on in the digital
landscape.  One of the many tools I use as a bible is Contagious Magazine.  It is often a source of many of my finds that I share with you here on this blog.  The people at Contagious just get it!

For those of you not familiar with the pub here is the secret:

is a quarterly magazine, DVD, online resource, weekly newsletter,
consultancy and events organizer [you must attend Wildfire  if it comes to your city] who examines the most innovative
exercises in branding design, technology and popular culture for the
global marketing community.   This year they have released an superbly
designed guide to the Most Contagious 2007 campaigns.


Download it today at

Whether you are a super-techie or more comfy with a canvas and a paintbrush, you can dig into some of the most exciting work that happened on a global scale in 2007.  This is one of the best "Best Of" publications I have seen in a long time.   For my non-tech readers this is a publication and source of daily food for thought if you are looking for a crash course in the new creative landscape and want to impress your colleagues in the digital department.  This year you can clearly see they have put extra effort into making the whole thing as interactive as possible.

Here is a little preview straight from Contagious.

So what made the cut in 2007?
The sheer volume of Contagious stuff in the year just passed has proved to be both a blessing and a curse, making the selection process that bit trickier. In the end, the inexorable onslaught of the social media phenomenon proved too much. Never before has so much been placed in the hands of the consumer, forcing brands and advertisers alike to adapt furiously to an environment where a product can be made or broken with the creation of a simple slanderous Facebook group. However, the shifting of the proverbial goalposts has begun to dictate the creation of useful content on genuinely engaging platforms. Our favourite examples? The Dark Knight ARG continues to have us jibbering like demented schoolchildren, the Halo 3 'Believe' spot still brings a lump to our throats and before you ask, no that wasn't us wandering around starry-eyed inside the glass cube belly of London's Nike iD Studio. Honest.

Also, we at Contagious believe in the spirit of giving, so please feel free to mass mail it to your entire agency network/stick it on your blog/sit your Mum down and use it to explain what it is that you actually do. We only hope that you enjoy reading and playing with it as much as we did creating it.

For those of you working on your department re-forecasts for 2008 - I highly recommend putting in a subscription and adding it as a must have tool to your creative bottom line!  Remember to download it at Download it today at

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