I have never been a fashonista other than to wear my geek sheik attitude on my sleeve and in my wide array of sport shoes.  When I ran across the MySpace Fashion I found myself getting into the nuances of the community.  It’s all about the clothes at MySpace Fashion.
The brand that seems to know no-limits is now in your closet and on the
runaway, as they bring news from the fashion industry to the world’s
largest social network.  The community features an all new look, and a host of new programming such as MySpace Presents: The Fit, MySpace Muse presented by Who Wear What Daily, InStyle News
and a collection of amateur and professional fashion videos from runway
shows and MySpaceTV. You’ll also be able to see featured designers,
profiles, and videos.


Leveraging the MySpace name, they will also be able to bring you
news from the hottest events now such as Olympus Fashion Week
behind-the-scenes videos, coverage of Paris Hilton’s new fashion line
launch at Kitson (editor: is there nothing Paris Hilton can’t do?), coverage of the Fashion Rocks red carpet event on September 6th and more.

It’s another attempt by MySpace to take control of a niche, and sell some very targeted ads at the same time.

ON: A Fun Fashion Community via @jpenabickley