My life has not been the same since I was introduced to Sirius Satellite Radio.   
As an iPod loyalist, early adopter of the first iteration of the product and have had one of each of the product releases, I was hesitant to try anything that did not give me compete control of my music listening experience. 

That is until I found “The big 80’s” on Sirius Satellite.

Imagine the top down, sporting dark sun glasses, 73 degree winds through your hair, driving through New York’s Central Park reminiscing the first kiss, the first love (yes Dave you) or better yet the first party with out parents to the likes of Toto, Billy Idol, Adam Ant, the police and Van Halen all hosted by original MTV VJ’s.

Writing that I just got chills down the back of my neck! 
What I love about this is that while I do not have control, the masters of the 80’s music revolution are taking me for a stroll down memory lane.  I have never needed more control than access to the best.

Spend this holiday weekend listening to the likes of Nina Blackwood, Alan Hunter, Martha Quinn and Mark Goodman.  They will take you through some of the best play lists ANYONE could develop.


When you need to replenish your creative juices, grab a glass of your favorite bubbly and tune into these VJ gods!

Listen online at http://www.sirius.com

Labor Day – Songs in the key of my life. via @jpenabickley