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This will be my first official blog entry, which I hope will the first of many, for the ON: digital+marketing blog.  I was invited by the wonderful, and energetic Joanna Pena-Bickley to be a contributor and thus, I have accepted.

I am currently in Austin, TX attending the 2006 Flash Forward Conference so that I may learn more about how Adobe (formally Macromedia) Flash can benefit the marketing, branding and e-commerce activities that I am involved in.  The conference starts tomorrow with some interactive sessions and continues through Thursday with other informational seminars.  I think the conference will be packed and hopefully will offer up some valuable and interesting information on applicable Flash technology.

What I'm most interested in learning about, is how Flash can be used as application for e-commerce activities.  I've been working with Flash for about 8 years now and know the advantages it has for expanding and developing marketing and branding efforts online through the use of animation and basic interactivity.  Sure, animation is great and engaging for online (and off I suppose) marketing purposes, but how can Flash really be beneficial for a company like CDW (CDW, Corp. - whom I work for) It seems like video and application building via Adobe Flex is what might be most relevant.  This is what I hope to find out and will share in future posts this week starting tomorrow when the conference officially begins.

On a final, and very important note, I must also share that I upgraded from a mid-class rental car from Hertz, to a silver Mustang for an extra $10 a day.  Hey, you only live once I suppose.

Flash Forward Conference 2006 via @jpenabickley