Burger King hangs its hat  on WeeMCee.com.   

When you visit the site a beardless plastic hand puppet dances around to different music tracks.

The site has one purpose.  Make the puppet daance.  The site was developed by Campbell Mithun in Minneapolis, who do  BK's kids'
advertising. This crude execution and seems unfinished.  I am not sure if the  idea was look "campy" and imitate amateur video  or to create a site that kids might find funny funny.   They achived the campy part.

The microsite would have
benefited from more interactivity.  Somerhing that they could sink their teeth into.  A sprinkle of some user-generated
content, a design-your-own-dance, or even a sign up to have a puppet mailed to
you so that you could upload your own video antics would have been nice.

ON: Burger King’s Flop via @jpenabickley