of aQuantive, announced on Wednesday the release of a new online video
ad serving technology for pre- and post-roll ads.

The new product--Atlas In-Stream Video--will allow marketers and
publishers to place ads before and after streaming video through an
automated system that also tracks metrics including impressions,
conversions and interaction with companion banner ads.

The ability to place video ads will be added to Atlas's desktop
application for media buyers that already encompasses ad serving of
banners, search, and rich media formats. Atlas's new video ad-serving
system highlights recent efforts by ad technology firms to capitalize
on the growing demand for video ads among online marketers.

Both upstart and established Internet advertising companies are vying to offer
the video ad technologies that publishers and agencies will turn to for
smooth delivery of costly video ads. Market research firm eMarketer
recently identified online video advertising as the fastest-growing
online ad format. It predicts video ad spending will grow by 71 percent
this year to $225 million, and to $640 million by 2007. By 2010, video
is forecast to make up 8 percent of the total online ad market.

Atlas aims to stand apart by adding video on top of its existing
expertise in online ad-serving. "The benefit for advertisers is that
this will allow them to get video ads online very seamlessly and an
easy way to handle all the messy details of various video formats
required by individual publishers," said Scott Ferris, senior vice
president and general manager of Atlas Emerging Media.

He said Atlas is rolling out its video ad system gradually, working
with the top 25 Web publishers to help prepare them to use the
technology for placing pre-roll ads on their sites. Ferris added that
1,500 hundred agencies already use its desktop campaign management
system, to which video will be added.

With a major industry conference coming up next week in New York, other
companies are likely to also announce new video ad initiatives.

Atlas Unveils Video Ad Platform via @jpenabickley