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ON: Vanity Video

Vanity Fair is one of my favorite
Pubs.  There is not a month that goes by that I do not study the art and read it cover to cover. When I saw that VF was going to begin porting over their content to online video, it was not at all a as surprise as newsstand sales of magazines fell 6.3% in the first half of 2008.


One hopes that they convert more of their interviews and content to video. (no, not so we can see what Maureen Dowd looks like w/o the her war paint) It would be nice to see Annie Leibovitz style video make s splash and raise the level of art seen in web content.

ON: Vanity Video via @jpenabickley

January 18, 2009No Comments

ON: Man Men’s Summer Return

Finally a some good news for The Great Depression '09: Mad Men is coming back! It just would not be right if they left on that intense scene between Peggy and Pete? WOW!


Variety is reporting that that Mad Men executive creator Matthew Weiner has just signed a fat seven-figure deal for two more seasons.

Weiner, a former writer for The Sopranos,
originally signed on for peanuts when AMC picked up his drama about the
Madison Avenue advertising business in the 1960s. That original deal
only ran for two years and after the second season wrapped last October
he let it be known that he wanted more money before he'd re-sign.

This is fantastic news. I suppose that Mad Men would have gone on (it was picked up for a third season
by AMC), but it wouldn't be the same without Weiner. Now everyone can
breathe a sigh of relief, get back to work, and make sure those
episodes debut this summer as planned.

(Photo Credit: Vanity Fair)

ON: Man Men’s Summer Return via @jpenabickley
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