As an early adopter to most new mobile technologies, not just because thrive off what it says about me, but it is my business, I got a glimpse at what Intel says is our future.

In a video that was loaded to YouTube, I was taken to a world where voice recognition controlled my favorite applications. It was a vision of the future that caused my heart to pump harder when I saw wearable mobile computers.

Thankfully Intel escaped the oh-so-tried Minority Report concepts, (because, who really wants to have optic nerve damage from marketers scanning me to serve me personalized videos in retail spaces?) and skipped straight to wrist-based computers and a myriad of OQO and iPhone look-alikes that have been given steroids and better touch screen features.

Moreover, the GPS that gave you 3d representations of where you were driving as you are driving was so exciting I wanted to by that BMW now.

Just yummy…. I could live life like this!  Check it out for yourself!

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