Some great marketing for an intense show! In the UK, have had their thinking caps on recently for a campaign to promote the second series of Prison Break,
the hit US drama, on its appearance in the UK. Instead of resorting to
the standard ‘new series’ approach of gigantic billboards and a few
half-hearted trailers, VCCP opted for a more dynamic approach to engage
the tricky 18-34 year-old target audience.

The solution? An
online ‘manhunt’, drawing inspiration from the plot of Prison Break
itself. The eight fugitives were ‘hidden’ deep in various web 2.0
sites: Bagwell and Patoshik were captured on CCTV footage on YouTube;
Franklin and Apolskis were in the background on Flickr images; Sucre
and Abruzzi had their own MySpace pages.

After the Locate the 8
campaign (great title) was promoted via a combination of marketing to
the Five.
TV email base, outdoor advertising and live on-air shout-outs,
a dedicated community quickly sprang up online, working together to
solve clues in the best tradition of the online Hive mind. Clues were
seeded via the campaign microsite, with the first to locate all 8
fugitives winning a trip to Alcatraz.

We’ve never
quite seen the appeal of trying to break in where others spent ages
trying to break out, but thousands of people did. Results were
impressive - Prison Break 2 delivered a rise of 14% vs. its peak
figures for the previous series, and audience figures maintained at a
similar level through the lifetime of the competition. 50% of the
entrants ‘caught’ all 8 prisoners.

Check it all our at: http://www.vccpdigital.co.uk/awards/work/prison-break-microsite/in

ON: Prison Break’s Locate The 8 via @jpenabickley