Two weeks ago, Jason Calacanis and I were watching the Sopranos and twittering... he then directed me to a live chat on his brain child... Mahalo.  I am addicted to yet another platform that allows me to converse with "friends" across the world and gets me search results that are more than relevant.

Mahalo (Hawaiian for “thank you”),
is a search service with manually edited results. It started
with several advantages: venture capital backing, 30 editors,
systematic focus on the most commonly requested search terms, and the
added idea of supplying Google’s search results for any search not
covered by its own best-of-the-best lists.


Mahalo now has
pre-prepared pages for 5,000 terms related to entertainment, travel,
health, technology and other subject areas. The company plans to expand
its coverage to 10,000 terms by year-end, and eventually to provide
results for one-third of the most common search terms.

The company is financed by Sequoia Capital, which
knows something about the search business: It was an early backer of
both Yahoo and Google.

Get rolling on Mahalo today!

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