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In addition to the ‘bigger = better’ trend in branded destinations (the  London and Atlanta’s New World of Coke,
The Hershey or M&M Stores in Time Square - the list goes on and on), I noticed that you can barely call yourself a auto brand
these days if you don't have a gigantic glass and steel shrine with
which to dazzle the world’s motor heads. The latest of these brand
destinations is BMW Welt (BMW World). Its primary function is to elevate the
experience of collecting your new car to something altogether more
ethereal than the mere exchange of a signature for a set of keys.


Located in Munich, the building is the work of architect Wolf Prix,
who drew inspiration from the suitably lofty Acropolis in Athens.
The facilities include a public gallery, conference suite and a center where children aged 7-13 can learn about mobility. It’s also
been constructed as sustainable as possible, with a naturally
ventilated hall and solar roof panels.


The remarkable structure is open and bleeds the BMW essence of design and engineering.  The architecture is
more than just a shell for the delivery of cars, but reflects the
elegance and dynamics that BMW represents.   BMW Welt is one of the first
works of a new generation of dynamic communication buildings.


The more of this real world physical or environmental branding I see, the more I can’t help but
wonder: Is this the next big shift in social movement and brand
communications? Is the importance of digital activity in the real world
catching up with that in the online space?

Source: Contagious Magazine

What are your favorites??

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