While all those yakamos (you know who you are) were touching themselves and their iPads last week, I was enthralled by Gray Powell, a 27 year old software engineer who left his iPhone at a bar called Gourmet Haus Staudt, in Redwood City,
California.  This wasn't just any iPhone.  It was a cleverly disguised iPhone 4G test phone.  A man in the bar found it and attempted to return it to Apple headquarters. Evidently no one there believed him.  Weeks later, Gizmodo got their hands on it for $5,000.00 cash.

Was this a leak or simply a drunken mistake?
I don't think it was leak. While many amateur PR people have tried this stunt before, I don't believe Apple's PR machine would jeopardize sales of the current model by leaking something too early.  What do you think?

Gizmodo has tracked the entire saga here:

Mashable Coverage:

UPDATE: Jon Stewart stands up for Gizmodo, calls Apple ‘Appholes’

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